International Students

Finding a job in the US as an International Student can be a challenging task. Although you may have skills employers are seeking, additional factors may make your search more difficult than US students’ searches. Employers may hesitate to hire international students due to the complexities involved in sponsoring H1-B visas. As communication skills are among the most important attributes employers look for in candidates, the language barrier can also deter employers from hiring international students.

Know Your Visa Work Options

 Your work options depend on the type of visa you hold. It is your responsibility to know the work options and be familiar with application processes for those options.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and Cover Letters are used to apply to jobs in the US. A US resume is different from a CV (Curriculum Vitae) which is widely used in other countries.

Finding Employers Willing to Hire International Students

Remember, that it is important to not rule out employers who have not hired international students in the past. Some employers that have not hired international students in the past may be willing to hire an international student who possesses highly desirable skills. Also, due to security reasons, there are some jobs that international students should not apply to. If the job posting or employer states that their jobs are open to US Citizens only – you should not apply.

  • CareerTrax – PUC’s online student job posting system and CCO Express – PWL’s job posting system, offer an advanced search which allows you to find employers willing to hire international students.
  • There are also online databases that report which employers have sponsored international students in the past.
  • US Department of Labor will help you find employers who have applied for H1-B visas

Career Fairs

  • Career fairs are also an excellent way learn about opportunities as they allow students to meet employers face-to-face. Purdue Calumet and the home campus in West Lafayette, Indiana offer a number of on-campus career fairs and participates in numerous off-campus career fairs that you should look into. Going to a career fair as an international student can be discouraging due to the number of employers who are unable to hire internationals students. Prior to going to a career fair, you should research the companies that are attending to determine which organizations may be able to hire you.


  • In the US, networking is a widely used resource in finding opportunities. Networking is nothing more than relationship building with friends, professors, family, alumni, and others, providing you additional sources for opportunities.


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