Choosing the Best Offer

There are many things to weigh when considering an offer. Type of work, opportunity for advancement, salary, location and the company culture are the primary areas for consideration and concern.

Whether you are choosing from multiple offers or one, it is wise to accept a position only when it is of high interest to you and fits your needs. One that provides you with the opportunity to acquire and expand the kinds of skills and experience that is of value in your field.

Salary and location are important, but ultimately, job satisfaction comes from being challenged and happy with the work!

Factors such as company stability, company growth potential and market share are also important considerations in choosing an offer. Reading business publications, visiting for insider information, etc. will help you get a handle on an employer.

Do not accept a position unless you are fully committed to working for the employer and once you have accepted an offer, you should cease all other efforts towards seeking employment.

Ask yourself the following questions when contemplating an offer:

  • Is the position stimulating and challenging?
  • Will I acquire the kinds of experiences that will make me more employable?
  • Is the employer well respected?
  • Do the values of the company and employees reflect my own?
  • Would I enjoy working with the people in the office?
  • Is the salary competitive? 
  • Cost of living. Will the salary be sufficient? 
  • Are the requirements and demands of the job compatible with my lifestyle? 
  • Will I be successful in meeting the challenges of the job? 
  • Can I build a good rapport with my immediate supervisor?
  • Does the company support and provide opportunities for additional education and upgrading my skills? 
  • How much travel is required? Is it too much? Not enough? 
  • Is the job located in a community that offers the lifestyle I desire? 
  • The best job is one that is fun, exciting, challenging and interesting. 

When coming to a conclusion about an offer, also consider an employment contract that clearly states the conditions of your employment before you accept the job. For more information, visit Ask the Headhunter: Employment Contracts.

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