No-Show Policy

The on-campus recruiting season is about to begin, and Career Services would like to wish you luck in  your interviews. We also want to make you aware of our No-Show Policy.

The No-Show Policy is designed to ensure that students meet the recruitment commitments they make through CareerTrax. You will be considered a no-show if you…

  • submit a resume expressing interest for an interview and are selected for an interview but fail to schedule an interview time.
  • cancel a scheduled interview less than 24 hours before the interview.
  • do not show up for an interview you have scheduled with an employer.

If you violate the no-show policy as stated above, you must…

  • write and send a letter of apology and explanation to the employer. Employer contact information can be obtained from the Office of Career Services reception desk.
  • e-mail a copy of the letter to and to the employer within 48 hours of the missed interview. This copy will be kept in your file.

If you fail to bring us the apology letter, your CareerTrax account will be deactivated and your On-Campus Recruiting privileges will be suspended. If this is your first offense, your account privileges will be suspended until you meet with Career Services and bring the letter of apology.

If you violate the no-show policy a second time, your CareerTrax account will be deactivated and your recruiting privileges will be revoked. You must then meet with the Director of Career Services. Reactivating your privileges will be at the discretion of the Director.

Again, this policy is in place to protect you, the student. No-shows hurt PUC’s reputation with employers and deny other students an interview spot of which they might have taken advantage. We will do everything we can to be understanding in extreme situations, but we ask you to be responsible and avoid no-shows.

Thank you and good luck with your interviews!

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