Parent’s Guide to Career Development and Other Resources

Career Service’s objective is to provide you with the best information to become a partner in your son’s or daughter’s career development. While we firmly believe that students are ultimately responsible for their own career development, we acknowledge that they utilize many resources as they explore and make career decisions. Studies show that students highly value their parents’ opinions of their choices and respect the insight and information you can provide. Many parents ask, “When is a good time for my son/daughter to start thinking about careers?” Students are encouraged to begin the career exploration process early in their college careers. We also recommend learning about writing resumes, exploring internships, attending employer presentations, and meeting Purdue University Calumet alumni from day one.

Download a Parent’s Guide to Career Development.

“When should my son or daughter visit The Career Center?”

  • To receive help in choosing a major. Our advisors have a broad view of academic programs and the applications of these programs to careers. Interest tests are available (free of charge) through our counseling center.
  • To begin writing a resume. For summer jobs, internships, and scholarship applications, sample resumes are available. Our counselors conduct resume reviews to help fine-tune your student’s resume.
  • To access CareerTrax. All students are encouraged to put their resumes into our on-line job database: CareerTrax.
  • To sharpen interview skills. Digitally-recorded interviews  and one-on-one mock interviews are available to help students prepare for job, internship, and campus leadership interviews.
  • To select and gain pre-professional experiences. Organizations visit the campus each year for sophomores and juniors. Online job listings include internships, summer jobs, part/full-time jobs, and volunteer positions. The Career Center professionals can help students determine the best choices and strategies.
  • At the beginning of senior year. The transition from college to the workforce is overwhelming for some students. With so much to do this final year, counselors can help students make the best use of their time, their job search, and/or the graduate school application process.

Each individual moves at a his or her own pace in the career-development process. We’re happy to help all students, no matter at what stage they are!

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