General Guidelines and Suggestions

For Mentors

  • Let the students make the contacts
  • Clearly state your expectations and preferences
  • Keep the interaction professional
  • During the initial contact, start the conversation by giving a brief history about your career, job responsibilities, and educational background
  • Talk about current and future trends in your field
  • Suggest ways to make him/her more marketable in the job market and ways for him/her to gain additional experience
  • If appropriate, give him/her a tour of your company and share materials
  • Suggest professional organizations and publications

For Users

  • Before the initial contact, research the alum’s company so you don’t ask questions that are easily available from his/her company’s web site
  • When making the initial contact by phone, ask if it is a good time to talk, make an appointment, or send an introductory note via e-mail
  • Be enthusiastic and polite. Remember you are representing Purdue Calumet.
  • Identify yourself as a participant of the PAAC Alumni Career Network and provide brief background information about yourself such as major, career goals, involvement in student and/or professional organizations
  • Be respectful of the mentor’s time and limit your interaction to 15 minutes
  • Keep the interaction professional
  • Plan open-ended questions
  • Focus on the alum’s views, suggestions, and feelings rather than hard data so that the interview is more rewarding
  • Don’t ask about the alum’s salary or help in getting a job. If the alum is interested in providing this, he/she will be forthcoming
  • Respect the alum’s preferences for further contacts and communication methods
  • Remember to thank the alum at the end of your contact and follow up with a thank you note

Additonal resource

Sign-up to be a Career Mentor

Guidelines for informational interviews

Report any problems or changes in your employment to the Office of The Career Center by calling (219) 989-2600 or emailing

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