COB Undergraduate Admission Policies

Effective Fall 2013, the following are the criteria for Direct Admission, Preparatory Admission, Internal and External Transfer, Re- Entry, and Re-Admission to the School of Management. These policies apply to undergraduate admissions ONLY.

Direct Acceptance to the Program of Study

Test Scores (SAT CR+M): 850-900
Overall GPA 2.00 for the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program
Overall GPA 2.20 for all other programs

Center for Learning and Academic Success:

If a student does not meet the requirements for direct admission to the College of Business, they may be admitted to the Center for Learning and Academic Success so that they may take courses, earn an acceptable GPA, and then transfer into the College of Business.

Test Scores (SAT CR+M): 800-849
Overall GPA 2.0 for all programs

Transfer Students (including inter-campus transfers), CODOs, re-classification, re-entries, and re-admits:

A minimum of 15 college transferring credits AND a College GPA of at least 2.20 for the last 15 credit hours attempted at previous institutions or previous programs that are related to the intended major. If no courses are completed in the intended major then record should be sent to the College of Business for analysis and a decision.


NOTE: Criteria subject to periodic change.