Subject Codes have changed

College of Business The MGMT subjecct code is changing for Undergraduate courses and the changes are listed later in this page.

Goodbye MGMT!

Hello ACC, ISM, MKG, FIN, and BUSM!

Effective for registration for Summer 2013 and Fall 2013, the College of Businesss is changing subject codes for many UNDERGRADUATE courses. Now it will be easier to find exactly which course you are looking for. No more hunting through all the MGMT courses to find that special finance or marketing course! Student transcripts will also be much easier to interpret.

We are bringing out five (5) new subject codes to join the existing ECON, ENTR, and OBHR subject codes which are not changing. Please note that subject codes for GRADUATE classes remain unchanged – you will still use MGMT for graduate course registrations.

Click Table 1 – Old to new subject codes to see a table showing courses with the old and new subject codes.

Click Table 2 – By new subject codes to see a table showing courses grouped by new subject codes – that is, you can see all the accounting courses grouped together, all the finance courses grouped together, etc.


  •   ACC = Accounting classes
  •   FIN = Finance classes
  •   ISM = Information Systems classes
  •   MKG = Marketing classes
  •   BUSM = other COB courses not in any of the other disciplines


  •   ECON is still for Economics classes
  •   ENTR is still for Entrepreneurship classes
  •   OBHR is still for Organizational Behavior & Human Resources classes
  •   CIS is still for Computer Information Systems classes

Have QUESTIONS? Talk to your advisor or any of the COB Department Heads

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is this going to happen?

Beginning with summer and fall registration on March 18, 2013

Does this change my graduation requirements?

No, not at all

How will I know what to look for in the schedule and catalog? How will I know what an old course equals in the new codes?

To help you find the course you’re looking for visit to see Table 1-old to new codes and Table 2-by new subject codes.

What will happen to courses that I have finished already?

The subject codes will stay as originally listed.

What if I’m taking a course with a new code that requires a pre-requisite course that I took with an old code?

No problem! We have already programmed both sets of codes into the registration system.

Will my GPA be adjusted if I repeat a class?

Yes, regardless of what code was used originally.

Will I be able to see transfer credits in the new codes?

If the transfer credits are new, yes, but if old, they will stay as they were originally.

Will Degree Works show the old or new codes?

Current students’ records will show both, depending on when the course was taken. New students’ records will show only new codes.

Will my transcripts reflect the old codes or the new codes?

They will reflect the codes used when the course was originally taken. If the course was taken spring 2013 or earlier, it will stay the same. If taken summer 2013 or later, the new codes will be listed.