Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

The College of Business provides its diverse student body with business programs that develop a strong foundation for successful employment and opportunities for advancement in a rapidly evolving global environment. As an educational leader and community partner, the College of Business is committed to meeting the life-long learning needs for business education for those in the Calumet region and beyond.

In pursuing our mission, we expect excellence from all members of our academic community as we:

Maintain quality academic programs that promote student success in their chosen career and responsible contributors to their communities;

Support and expect faculty engagement in applied business and economic scholarship and professional activities that complement the College’s academic commitment to its students, the region, and beyond;

Promote regional economic development, relationships with the business community, and service to the region and beyond.

Values Statement

We are committed to:

  • Integrity and professionalism in all of our teaching, research, and service activities;
  • Active citizenship within the College, the University, the region and beyond;
  • An assessment process for continuous improvement and accountability in teaching, research and service;
  • A diverse student, faculty, and staff community and to a diverse learning environment;
  • Using emerging technologies to effectively support the instructional process;
  • Engaged scholarly activity as an intellectual tool for students and faculty to work together and stay current in their fields;
  • Experiential learning opportunities that provide a foundation for students to take leadership roles in both public and private organizations;
  • A curriculum that emphasizes ethics, entrepreneurship, and global preparation;
  • A collegial work environment that respects and encourages the contributions of everyone in the College of Business.

Vision Statement

The Purdue University Calumet College of Business will provide an intellectually encompassing and comprehensive education that meets the needs of today’s global business environment and empowers students to meet tomorrow’s rapidly changing demands. In providing diverse learning opportunities and scholarly contributions to the field, the school will challenge students to be ethical and civically engaged business leaders who will utilize their entrepreneurial and technical skills to contribute to the economic development of Northwest Indiana and beyond. The faculty, staff, and students will effectively communicate these aims to the public that will in turn position Purdue Calumet to be the region’s school of choice for a quality management degree grounded in academic rigor and social responsibility.