Internship Process

Students should begin preparation for an internship approximately one semester prior to the anticipated start of the internship. Any questions regarding internship information to Kimberly Nikolovski at 219-989-3150 or

To be eligible for an internship, a student must meet the following qualifications:

  • Students must be enrolled in a School of Management degree program
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Students must have junior/senior level status (no fewer than 60 college credit hours with a passing grade)
  • Students must have passed the following pre-requisite coursework, including:

o BA students: MGMT 101, MGMT 102, BA 120, BA 121, BA 210, BA 230, and MGMT 224

o BS students: MGMT 101, MGMT 201, MGMT 310, MGMT 211, MGMT 324, and OBHR 330

If the student meets all of the above qualifications, he or she must submit a job description of the internship for approval.  Once approved, the student will be registered for an internship course (either MGMT 49500 or BA 39100) and must fill out the appropriate forms and return them to the internship coordinator.  Finally, the student will be assigned to a School of Management faculty member to work with throughout their internship.

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