Internship Process


You must be in junior standing or have approval by the Department Head to receive academic credit for their internship experience.

You must receive approval for academic credit prior to beginning your internship. Retroactive credit will not be awarded for internships started prior to receiving department approval.  

Steps to Enroll in an Internship Course

  1. Speak with your Academic Advisor to see if you have room on your plan of study for an internship course.
  2. Request Internship Application Forms from Internship Administrators:
    1. Ed Furticella (
    2. Kim Nikolovski (
  3. Submit the completed Application Forms, job description, and learning objectives to the Internship Administrators.
  4. The Internship Administrators will obtain approval for your internship, assign you a Faculty Mentor, and enroll you in an internship course, either one or three credit hours. You will be responsible for paying for the course, just as you would for any course you take towards your degree. 

Course Requirements

A syllabus will be provided to you at the start of your internship outlining the course objectives, policies, and assignments.

Performance Evaluation: You will receive an email with a performance evaluation towards the end of your internship. The performance evaluation is to be completed by your supervisor and then submitted by you to your Faculty Mentor.

Final Documents: You will write a reflection memorandum (1-2 pages) and research paper (3-5 pages) that will be submitted to your Faculty Mentor at the end of the academic term.

Your Faculty Mentor will assign you a grade for the course based on your Performance Evaluation and Final Documents. 

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