Employer Benefits

Whether it is a large company that has been in business for many years or a small start-up venture that is only a few years old, students can gain valuable knowledge working under the supervision of someone in their chosen field.  Small and large organizations can benefit from providing internship opportunities to students in a variety of ways.

  • Pre-screen Employees. An internship allows the employer to gain an accurate evaluation of the skill level and ability of an individual before making a full-time job offer.
  • Reduce hiring and training costs. Hiring and training costs can be drastically reduced if the intern shows potential to excel in the roles he or she is assigned on a full-time basis.
  • Maintain University Relationships. When the need arises for an intern in the future, an organization can easily contact someone from the University to quickly fill the vacancy.
  • Identify Students with Focused Interest. Students who pursue careers in the same field as their internship demonstrate their interest and dedication to continue building their skills and abilities in the chosen area of interest.
  • Gain an Outside Perspective. An intern can bring a fresh approach to situations and provide insightful solutions from an external point of view.
  • Community Outreach. By hiring an intern, the organization is demonstrating its commitment to community development and furthering the future economic development in the area.

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