Economic Development and Outreach

In support of the mission of Purdue University Calumet and its strategic plan, the School of Management is a key partner in the economic development of the Northwest Indiana region. The school and its partners offer many educational, developmental, and support resources for businesses in the region.

The Center for Entrepreneurship Success is involved in multiple teaching and training endeavors focused on helping practicing entrepreneurs develop skills and grow their businesses. For more information, contact Mr. Dushan Nikolovski, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Success at 219-989-2100

  • Training programs for corporate clients, both domestic and foreign. These training programs are targeted entirely to the client’s specific needs. They may be delivered over a few hours or over several days or weeks. They address a variety of topics as requested by the client from project management, to bidding for government contracts, to managing for value creation, risk management, corporate governance, etc. The training is led by members of the PUC SOM and by various recognized experts from all over the region.
  • Collaboration with Mompreneurs®. Mompreneurs® is a national organization that offers training for “moms” wishing to start a business from their home while raising their children. Mompreneurs® has been featured on the Oprah Show and CBS’ Early Show, and in a wide range of other media including The Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, Parents Magazine, and  The organization is partnering with our Center for Entrepreneurship Success to expand their reach to target anyone who wishes basic training in starting a micro-business. The Center is developing an distance education entrepreneurship certificate to be distributed nationally.
  • Support for the other economic development partners of the School of Management: the Northwest Indiana SBDC and the Hammond Incubator. The Center offers short diagnostic courses for would-be entrepreneurs such as “Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” and “The One-day Business Plan”. These courses help participants to determine whether they are indeed ready to start their own business and use the services offered by the SBDC and the Hammond Incubator.
  • Statewide entrepreneurship program to be hosted by the Centers for Entrepreneurship in the Purdue University System. Called “Entre to Entrepreneurship,” the program will travel around the state of Indiana to introduce aspiring entrepreneurships to key topics in entrepreneurship. The training program will be conducted three times a year at Purdue Technology Centers hosted by one of the Purdue University campuses. A fourth event called the “Entrepreneurship Showcase” will be held and represent an exhibition of startups and aspiring entrepreneurs across Indiana and particularly Purdue University campuses.

The Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center (NWISBDC) is a dynamic arm of the State of Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) The NWISBDC assists businesses become successful by providing comprehensive business management advising, training, resource, and information services to the small business communities in the Northwest Indiana seven county region. The focus of the NWISBDC is to assist in the creation and growth of viable small businesses and the jobs these businesses provide. In addition it provides a whole array of resources, including the opportunity to employ student intern or graduate aides from the School of Management at Purdue University Calumet. For more information, contact Mr. Joshua Lybolt, Regional Director at 219-644-3513.

The Hammond INnovation Center is the City of Hammond’s Business Incubator, operated by staff from Purdue University Calumet. The mission is to help foster the growth and success of start-up companies in the greater Hammond Area. With its facilities and services, they will provide the necessary business resources and support to assist in the successful operation of these start-up ventures. By assisting these companies, they will help increase job creation and retention in the area, which in turn helps improve the local economy. Located in downtown Hammond, it offers start-up businesses the opportunity to rent space at a subsidized rate and to receive many business services in-house: receptionist, telephone, high speed internet, mailbox, conference and training rooms. Workshops, seminars and networking events are offered to the incubator clients, many of which are also open to the local business community. Furthermore, mentoring by the Incubator Director and referrals to needed business resources are offered. Access to Purdue University Calumet student manpower (graduate aid or interns), faculty and staff, offers cost efficient help for start-ups on a tight budget. For more information, contact Mr. Greg Boyan, Executive Director, at 219-750-1200, or