Centers and Institutes

The College of Business is proud to host four Centers.  We invite you to explore how you can become connected with the College through one of these Centers.

The Center for Business and Economic Development Solutions

The Center for Business and Economic Development is a Purdue University Calumet College of Business consulting program that matches students with experienced faculty to solve client’s business and community economic development problems. Program participants work hand-in-hand with students to integrate their classroom knowledge into client’s real-life business issues, while also tapping into the knowledge of Purdue Calumet faculty and their many years of outside consulting accomplishments. 

The Leadership Center

The Leadership Center at Purdue Calumet is an interdisciplinary center drawing on the expertise and research interests of faculty across the university, will provide opportunities for our faculty, students and community constituents to engage in the study of leadership and the application of leadership concepts and constructs to the personal and organizational development of experienced and emerging leaders. The work of the center is grounded in research as it may be applied in a variety of contexts, from regional to global.  The distinctive focus of the center is the integration of current research findings with programs to improve leadership practice.

The Center for Entrepreneurship Success

The Center for Entrepreneurship Success aims to encourage and support entrepreneurship in our community, region, State and throughout U.S. by offering educational programs and expanding initiatives that support the creation and development of new business opportunities. The Center encourages entrepreneurial thinking and knowledge among students, stakeholders and community members by offering a venue where aspiring entrepreneurs can test their entrepreneurial prowess.

Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center

Hosted by Purdue University Calumet, the Northwest ISBDC looks to impact the region’s businesses through workshops, one-on-one consulting and special events. The NWI-SBDC is a resource for both existing businesses and entrepreneurs looking to launch a business. The staff offers advice in order to help businesses grow and to help start-ups take off from the ground level.