Advisory Board

The College of Business Advisory Board consists of high caliber individuals selected for their exceptional stature in the Business Community: senior executives, successful entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial academicians and/or for their representation of important groups of stakeholders: alumni, business community, and students. All members are linked by their commitment to the Missions of the University and of the College and by their earnest desire to promote the success of Purdue University Calumet’s College of Businses.

The Board plays a significant role in developing strategic plans and goals; providing assistance in pursuing accreditation with AACSB International; communicating the needs and requirements of the business community to ensure that students develop the skills, talents and personal attitude that will make them successful in the business world; giving feedback on program relevance for business organizations in the future; assisting the College in securing resources to support its Mission and Vision; and acting as change agent working with the academic stakeholders to consider the dynamic environment in which the business stakeholders operate.