31 students participate in Student Research Day

Thirty-one students and their faculty mentors will present their research at Student Research Day on Thursday, April 3, 2014 in Alumni Hall.  Congratulations to these students for going above and beyond for their education!  Learn more at http://webs.purduecal.edu/studentresearch/student-research-day/

“Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing as a Dual Process: How Social Media Impacts New Movie Development.”
Students Joseph Crisan, Reem Aljar, I-Chun Lee, and Weizhi Chen
Professor Haisu Zhang

“School Choice and Its Impact on U.S. Education.”
Students Amy Crague, Jovanny Gonzalez, and Zhibin Zhang
Professor Amlan Mitra

“Does Increasing the Federal Debt Ceiling Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy?”
Students Derrek Nelson, Ryan Voges, and Bradley Terry
Professor Amlan Mitra

“Recent Trends in the Ownerships of Federal Debt by International Investors and their Impacts on the U.S. Economy.”
Students Matthew Kustron, Rushi Gajjar, and Jose Eulloqui Herrera
Professor Amlan Mitra

“How are Young Adults and Senior Citizens affected by The Affordable Care Act?”
Students Miranda Lundy, Patrice McBee, and Yixuan Wang,
Professor Amlan Mitra

“Advocacy of the Affordable Care Act.”
Students Matthew L. Curtis, Aaron D. Davis, and Ryan J. Burcyzk
Professor Amlan Mitra

“Cybercrimes: How Cyber Security Framework (CSF) can provide an effective preventive plan for financial transactions.”
Students Doug Flournoy, Ahmad B Aljubara, and Tanisha A Gipson
Professor Kuan-Chou Chen

“An Empirical Comparison of Quantitative Easing (QE) Impacts on American and Chinese Housing Markets: A Systems Dynamics Simulation Model.”
Student Jianfeng Jin
Professor Kuan-Chou Chen

“Using Visualization Technologies to Improve the Awareness of Information Security with Implication for Organizations.”
Students Boban Krsteski and Jesus Avina
Professor Kuan-Chou Chen

“Engaging Students through Better Information Access:  The Case of a Departmental Web Site.”
Students Kevin Burk and Cynthia Irions
Professor Kuan-Chou Chen

“Using Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) to Assess End Users’ Acceptance Attitudes toward New Software Implementation.”
Student Mike Morasan
Professor Kuan-Chou Chen

“Android Application Using HTML5.”
Students Amita Barai, Tanisha Gipson, and Peter Pester
Professor Kuan-Chou Chen