About the Academic Outreach and Contract Training Department

In the fall of 2009, the Department of Distance Education and Extended Learning (DEEL) was replaced by a new department, Academic Outreach and Contract Training (AOCT).  Many of the courses offered through DEEL were non-credit continuing education classes taught by outside contractors.

The determination was made that all AOCT courses and programs – offered either for credit or for non-credit, through training contracts with outside companies and organizations, would be initiated and sponsored by academic departments.

The purpose of AOCT is to serve academic departments who seek new student markets or to try out new courses or programs through curriculum innovation.  In addition, faculty and departments have the opportunity to generate revenue for their departments and/or schools through success with new markets and with curriculum innovation.  Many units use these generated funds for travel, equipment, guest speakers, etc.

Beth Pellicciotti, the AOCT Director, works one-on-one with faculty members and department heads to determine if a course or program might fit the AOCT model.  To learn more about AOCT and see examples of courses, programs, and contract training that are now in place, please visit the website at www.purduecal.edu/aoct or call Beth Pellicciotti at 219-989-2239