Deployment/Military Call-ups

Military Call Ups

Leaving the University

The Office of the Registrar will be your contact in processing a withdrawal for military deployment.  We are aware that you have a short amount of time to accomplish your withdrawal and report for duty, and we will work within the university guidelines to expedite the process as quickly as possible for you.

First, you will contact the Office of the Registrar.  Please bring a copy of your military orders along with your power of attorney documentation to Noemi Elizalde, Office of Financial Aid, Lawshe Hall, Room 130.  If you do not have the above documentation at the time of your visit to the office, we will accept a faxed copy at (219) 989-2141.

If you are unable to stop by the office, please call Noemi at (219) 989-2177 and she will walk you through the necessary steps to complete the withdrawal process.

The Veterans Affairs Coordinator will contact The Office of Financial Aid on your behalf to determine if you have federal or private loans.  We will contact your lenders so that they can defer your loan payments since you will not be in school.

If there is a time restraint imposed by your orders, other properly authorized parties will be permitted to act on your behalf, such as a family member who has power of attorney.  They will need to contact Noemi, at the above number, for assistance.

If you reside at the University Village, please contact the Director of your residence hall prior to your departure.

Depending upon the time frame that you are called to Active Duty, you can either obtain a 100% refund of your money or partial credit.  You can choose to cancel your registration and receive 100% of your money back at any point.  Note:  In the case of a 100% refund, all student aid will be returned to the originating account for the return to the agency providing the funds such as federal aid, state aid, private aid, or institutional aid.  Your options will be discussed with you thoroughly upon your initial contact with the Veteran Affairs Coordinator.

Your eligibility to register at Purdue University Calumet will remain intact while you are on Active Duty.  This will enable you to continue utilizing your Purdue email account.  Additionally, you will be able to contact your academic advisor upon your return to register for classes.

Returning to the University

Please bring a copy of your discharge papers (DD214) at the completion of your active duty to Noemi Elizalde, Office of Financial Aid, Lawshe Hall, Room 130.  She will check to see that your registration status is up-to-date and will work with all other campus offices to help make your transition back to the University as smooth as possible.

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