Programs and Application FAQ


What Programs are Offered?

The Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University Calumet offers several options to meet students graduate education needs including a Masters of Science in Biology with a Thesis and Non-Thesis option as well as a Graduate Biotechnology Certificate Program and a Post-Baccalaureate Program.

Masters of Science in Biology

The Master of Science in Biology is designed primarily for biologists who wish to pursue further studies and to increase job opportunities by enhancing their credentials.  Both thesis and non-thesis options are available.

Graduate Biotechnology Certificate Program

Graduate Biotechnology Certificate Program is offered for students who wish to obtain advanced training in areas of biology that pertain to biotechnology. The certificate program is open to new students as well as students currently enrolled in an M.S. degree program.

Post Baccalaureate Program

A Post Baccalaureate (non-degree seeking) Program is available for students, who are not in the M.S. degree program, but wish to take advanced biology courses.   To enroll in this non-degree program, students apply online by filling out this application and submit two official copies of their transcript showing the completion of a B.S. degree program to the Biological Sciences department office.  Students who initially enroll in graduate courses on a temporary (non-degree) admission basis may find it possible to apply up to 12 credit hours of such approved course work to a Master’s degree after regular degree-seeking admission status has been attained.  Students who fail to gain admission as degree-seeking students in a timely fashion may lose credits already earned.

How Do I Apply?

Application procedures and required documentation differ between programs.  Please click the links below to view application procedures and deadlines.


Do I have to take the GRE?

Students wishing to apply to the Masters of Science in Biology, either thesis or non-thesis option may be required to submit GRE: General test scores with their application materials in order to be considered.  However, students applying to the Graduate Biotechnology Certificate Program and the Post-Baccalaureate Program do not need to submit GRE test scores with their application.  For more information about the general GRE test including testing centers, registration and fee listings, visit the ETS GRE website.

Applicants to the M.S. in Biology program may waive the GRE requirement if one or more of the following criteria are met:

1. Applicant has received a B.S. in Biology degree from any campus of Purdue University with 3.25 or above GPA in biology courses and all courses.

2. Applicant is expecting a B.S in Biology degree from any campus of Purdue University within a semester  with 3.25 or above GPA in biology courses and all courses.

3. Applicant has completed at least two biology graduate level courses (min 6 credits or courses with grades) as a non-degree student at Purdue Calumet with 3.25 or above GPA.

4. Applicant is a PUC biology major who is applying for 4+1 Duel degree program.

What are the Application Deadlines for the M.S. in Biology?


Deadline Dates
Applicant Fall Spring Summer
U.S. residents and
other applicants in the U.S.
August 15th December 15th May 15th
Applicants outside the U.S. May 15th September 15th Not Accepted