Photo Gallery

Browse the links below to see photos from past Purdue University Calumet Department of Biological Sciences events:

2012 Biology Graduate Student Picnic 2012 ice cream social

2012 Biology Graduate Student Picnic (.PDF 1.7 MB)

2012 Biology Ice Cream Social (.PDF 799KB)

2012 Pre Pharm Club 2012 Biology Clubs

2012 Pre-Pharmacy Club(.PDF 173KB)

2012-2013 Biology Club(.PDF 205KB)

2012 Pre-Vet Club 2012 Career Night

2012 Pre-Vet Club(.PDF 483KB)

2012 Biological Sciences Career Night(.PDF 418KB)

2012 Internation Students




Dept. Biological Sciences International Students(.PDF 254KB)



2011 Biology Student Clubs(.PDF 598KB)

2011 Biology Graduate Student Picnic(.PDF 586KB)

2011 Ice Cream Social(.PDF 381KB)