Nicole Evans, Ph.D.

Niki Evans, Ph.D.

Office: Gyte 284
Telephone: (219) 989-2738


Ph.D. Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2012

B.S. Biology emphasis in Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan, 2005

Professional Society Memberships

Society of Developmental Biology 2012-present

Genetics Society of America 2010-2012

American Society of Developmental Biology 2004-2006


Evans, N.C., Swanson, C.I., Barolo, S., sparkling insights to enhancer sparkling Insights into Enhancer Structure, Function, and Evolution. Transcriptional Switches During Development (CTDB Vol. 98) February 2012

Swanson, C.I., Evans, N.C., Barolo, S., Structural Rules and Complex Regulatory Circuitry Constrain Expression of a Notch- & EGFR Regulated Eye Enhancer. Dev Cell. 2010, 18(3): 359-370

*Selected as a “Must Read” by Faculty of 1000 Biology and Science “Editors’ Choice,” 16 April 2010.

Lindvall, C., Zylstra, C.R., Evans, N., West, R.A., Dykema, K., Furge, K.A., Williams, B.O., The Wnt co-receptor Lrp6 is required for normal mouse mammary gland development. PLoS One. 2009, 4(6)e5813

Lindvall, C., Evans, N.C., Zylstra, C.R., Li, Y., Alexander, C.M., Williams, B.O., The Wnt signaling receptor Lrp5 is required for mammary ductal stem cell activity and Wnt1-induced tumorigenesis. J. Biol Chem. 2006, 281(46):35081-7


  • BIOL 10200 – Introductory Biology
  • BIOL 24400 – Genetics
  • BIOL 24401 – Genetics Laboratory