Graduate Admissions

Graduate School Forms

Degree Seeking:

A student who wishes to enter a program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Biology or Master of Science in Biology Teaching must apply for regular admission and must hold a baccalaureate degree in biology or a related area.

Temporary (Post-Baccalaureate) Studies:

  • All qualified biological sciences students are welcome to take biology courses for career development or to work toward a degree.
  • Application forms for admission as a temporary (post-baccalaureate) registrant are available online.

Precaution: Admission as a temporary (post-baccalaureate) student does not in any way imply that later admission will be granted for regular status to work towards a degree. It is not admission on trial in lieu of conditional admission because of scholastic deficiencies. A student expecting to work toward a degree in the biological sciences graduate program should use this admission procedure only to avoid delay in starting the program.

The student should submit a separate application for regular admission during the first session of graduate study. Not more than 12 semester hours of courses (with grade of B or better) taken as a post-baccalaureate registrant may be applied to an advanced degree, and then only if approved by the student’s advisory committee. This 12-credit limit includes all pre-admission course work, whether taken through Purdue Calumet or other schools.

Transfer of Credit into the Graduate Program:

Graduate credit from other institutions and graduate level credit earned while an undergraduate (at Purdue or other accredited institution of higher learning) in excess of any degree requirements are transferable provided the courses are graduate level, were not used to complete the requirements of any other degree program, and are accepted by the student’s advisory committee.

A maximum of 9 hours may be transferred; i.e. the plan must include a minimum of 21 hours of Purdue course work completed after regular admission. Each transfer course must have a grade of B or better and must satisfy a course requirement on the plan of study.