Graduate Program

View a short video about the Department of Biological Sciences Masters of Science in Biology

Purdue University Calumet provides opportunities for qualified individuals who wish to work towards a Master’s degree in biological sciences. The biological sciences department offers a strong interdisciplinary program. All graduate faculty members have Ph.D. degrees from major universities and are active in research.  For more information on Purdue Calumet Graduate Studies, download this PDF.  Information about funding your graduate studies at Purdue Calumet can be found here (PDF).

Courses are available in the biology, biotechnology, microbiology, physiology, and environmental science. Both thesis and non-thesis programs can be arranged.

The academic load for each student will be designed according to the needs of the student in order to fulfill the required 30 hours credit in a timely fashion. Full or part-time study can be arranged to help suit each graduate student’s schedule.

Master of Science (MS)

For students having a degree in a biological sciences related area (biology or chemistry). Areas of specialization:

  • Master of Science Degree – Biology
  • Master of Science Degree – Biology (with a concentration in Biotechnology)
  • Master of Science Degree – Biology Teaching

Post-Baccalaureate Studies

Students can take individual courses for professional development without pursuing a graduate degree.

Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree Program in Biological Sciences(.PDF)

Students graduating from this combined program will receive both the Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) degrees in Biological Sciences in five years, as compared to the six years needed to complete the degrees separately.  This is accomplished by offering a supervised and seamless transition from the BS curriculum to the MS curriculum that is designed to better enable our graduates to prepare for competitive positions in today’s job market and/or admission to doctoral level graduate or professional schools.

This Combined BS/MS Degree Program in Biological Sciences at Purdue Calumet is currently the only such program in Biological Sciences at any campus in the Purdue University system and among all universities in Northwest Indiana.

Graduate Biotechnology Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology is offered to students with a bachelor’s degree who wish to obtain advanced training in areas of biology that pertain to biotechnology.  The certificate program is open to new students as well as students currently enrolled in a Master of Science degree program.  Students who enter this program may have a variety of interests, including biochemistry, bioengineering, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, or molecular evolution.  Students who are enrolled in the M.S. degree program are also eligible for receiving the Certificate upon request and completion of the course work.

Nicholas Heflin

“My pursuit of a Master of Science Degree in Biology has been greatly rewarding. The atmosphere of the biology department is extremely encouraging and emphasizes the understanding of current theory. I have been given the opportunity to perform thesis research on the evolution of insect reproductive behavior. One of my best experiences was attending a research conference with my faculty advisor and winning the best research poster presentation. I am convinced that PUC has prepared me for future doctoral study in evolutionary ecology.”

Nicholas Heflin
Graduate Student
from Chesterton, IN 

Qingyu “Wendy” Wang

“Driven by enthusiasm for biological science, after 4 years work experience in computer science, I chose to pursue advanced study in biotechnology in the Department of Biological Sciences at PUC. My exciting experience here proves that it was definitely the best decision I have ever made. The professors present information really well-in the ways that help me grasp basic principles and new ideas, while challenging me intellectually. My research opportunities have given me a chance to explore bioinformatics, applying my knowledge of computer technology to solve biological problems.”

Qingyu “Wendy” Wang
Graduate Student
International student from China