Charles C. Tseng, Ph.D.

Charles C. Tseng, Ph.D  Professor

Office: Gyte 291
Telephone: (219) 989-2403


B.S. Biology, Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
M.S. Botany, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Ph.D. Botany, University of California, Los Angeles, California

Recent research projects

  • Functional genomics:
    1. Effect of radiofrequency field on human and bacterial genome–wide gene expression (based on microarray and SAGE technologies)
    2. Genome-wide gene expression in human and mouse leukemia (based on SAGE technology)
  • Structural genomics: Generation of DNA markers for stringent bacterial typing (microbial source tracking) for improving water quality (based on the second generation Illumina genome sequencing technology to generating genomic sequencing data for mapping and SNP analysis)
  • Bioimaging: Light scattering image technology for microbial source tracking (based on laser imaging coupled with pattern recognition and analysis)
  • Modeling and visualization 1: Virtual reality based human chromosome modeling and analysis (based on the virtual reality technology and dynamic chromosome modeling techniques for G-banded chromosomes)
  • Modeling and visualization 2: Interactive computer programs for learning genetics and molecular biology (providing “hands-on experience for learning genetic principles of segregation and independent assortment; linkage analysis and chromosome mapping; DNA replication; homologous recombination; gene expression and regulation; and the PCR technique).

Research grants

  • 1 grant from EPA ($249,785, 2010-2012) CoPI
  • 1 grant from USDA (S430, 000, 2009-2012) PI
  • 3 grants from the Department of Defense Air Force MURI Program ($2.65 million, 2002-7) PI
  • 1 grant from The Institute of Genomics Research (TIGR) ($75,000, 2005-present) CoPI
  • 1 grant from Oakland, CA ($3,500, 2005-6) PI
  • 1 grant from Indiana USGS ($2,450, 2003-4) PI
  • 2 grants from Oklahoma USGS ($30,000, 2002-4) PI
  • 1 grant from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ($150,000, 2001-3) PI
  • 1 grant from Illinois Lake County Department of Health ($26,000, 2002-3) PI
  • 5 grants from Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program ($222,000, 1995-2002) PI
  • 1 grant from National Science Foundation (NSF) ($32,000, 1994-97) PI
  • 1 grant from ICHE-ITQ ($332,409, 2011-2013) Subcontract PI to Indiana University Bloomington

Selected Recent Refereed Journal Publications (since 2005)

  • Bin Chen, Hao Gong, Xu Zhang, Prithviraj P. Patankar, Michael J. Sadowsky, Charles C. Tseng (2010) Laser imaging for rapid microbial source tracking.  Int. J. Computational Biology and Drug Design 3(3):177-186
  • Yang X., D. Wen, X. Wu, Z. Zhao, J. Lacny and C. Tseng, “A Comprehensive Cytogenetics Tutorial Program, Encompassing Changeable G-band Resolutions”,Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 99(1): 66-74, 2010
  • Li Z, R Luo, S Mi, M Su, P Chen, J Bao, M Neily, N Jayathilaka, D Johson, L Wng, C Lavau, U Zhang, C Tseng, X Zhang, Jin Wang, J Uu, H Ung, S Wang, J Rowley, J Chen, M Thirman (2009) Consistent deregulation of  gene expression between human and murine MLL-rearrangement leukemias. Cancer Research. 69:1109-1116
  • Yang X, Z Zhao, D Wen, X Wu, Y Cui, Y Zhao, X Cao, J Lacny, C Tseng  (2008) “Virtual Reality Based Human Chromosome Learning Program,” ISAST Transactions on Electronics and Signal Processing (International Society for Advanced Science and Technology). 2(3): 41-50
  • Yang X, Z Zhao, D Wen, X Wu, Y Cui, Y Zhao, X Cao,  J Lacny, C Tseng (2008) Virtual Reality Based Human Chromosome Learning Program ISAST Transactions on Computers and Software Engineering (International Society for Advanced Science and Technology. 2(3):41-50
  • Gerber HL, R Joshi, CC. Tseng (2008) Using Bode Plots to Access Intracellular Coupling. IEEE Trans. Plasma Science, 28:1659-1664
  • Lee SG, J Hwang, J Ulaszek, YC Kim, H Dong, HS Kim, JW Seok, BK Suh, SJ Yim, D Johnson, NH Choe, KT Chang, Zy Ryoo, CC Tseng, A Wickrema, SM Wang (2007) Stable transcriptional status in the apoptotic erythroid genome. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Com. 359:556-562
  • Byappanahalli MN, RL Whitman, DA Shively, WT Ting, CC Tseng, and MB Nevers (2006) Seasonal persistence and population characteristics of Escherichia coli and enterococci in deep backshore sand of two freshwater beaches. J. Water and Health 4:313-320
  • Gerber HL, A Bassi, MH Khalid, CQ Zhou, SM Wang, and CC Tseng (2006) Analytical and experimental dosimetry of a cell culdture in T-25 flask housed in a thermally controlled waveguide. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 34:1449-1454
  • Gerber, HL, A Bassi, and CC Tseng (2006) Determining a pulse coupling to subcellular components with a frequency-domain transfer function.  IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 34: 1425-1430
  • Lee S, D Johnson, K Dunbar, H Dong, X Ge, YC Kim, C Wing, N Jayathilaka, N Emmanue, CQ Zhou, HL Gerber, CC Tseng, SM Wang (2005) 2.45 GHz Radiofrequency fields alter gene expression in cultured human cells. Federation of European Biological Society Letters 579:4829-4836
  • Lee S, J Bao, G Zhou, J Shapino, J Xu, RZ Shi, X Lu, T Clark, D Johnson, YC Kim, C Wing, C Tseng, M Sun, W Lin, J Wang, W Du, C-I Wu, X Zhang, SM Wang (2005) Detecting novel low-abundant transcripts in Drosophila. RNA 11(6):939-946

Courses Taught

BIOL 43000 – Genetics
BIOL 50700 – Molecular Biology
BIOL 50800 – Recombinant DNA Technique
BIOL 59500 – Medical Genetics
BIOL 59500 – Human Cytogenetics Technology