Indiana Wildlife Federation Scholarship

Charles Holt Scholarship offered by Indiana Wildlife Federation Endowment Applications   are being  accepted  through  July  15,2014, for the annual  Indiana  Wildlife  Federation Endowment   $1,000 scholarship.    Applicants  must be Indiana  residents,  and accepted  for study or already  enrolled  for the Fall 2014 semester  as a full-time undergraduate   as a sophomore  or above  in an accredited  college…
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Prof. Zimmer Awarded 2013-2014 Library Scholars Grant



January 16, 2014 by Bien Kortmann

Michael I. Zimmer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Biological Sciences is the winner of 2013-2014 Library Scholars Grant. The Library Scholars Grant will support Dr. Zimmer’s research on the life and lesser known professional contributions of John F. Enders. The grant will provide funding for Dr. Zimmer to travel to John Franklin Enders Papers at the Yale University Library.


Careers in Biology

What Career Opportunities Exist for Biologists? The field of biology encompasses a many diverse fields and so presents many job opportunities.  After receiving a bachelor degree in biology sciences, an individual may work as a technician in laboratories in academic institutions, industries, government agencies, hospitals and private companies.  An individual may also work as a…
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Why Choose the General Biology Option?

By definition, biology studies how living things work and how they interact with each other and the environment.   The biological sciences includes many fascinating fields; topics of study range from molecular properties of cell structure, heredity, functions of tissues and organs, habitats and behaviors and how ecosystems change over time.  Recent advances in the biological…
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