Bachelor of Science in Biology: Biological Science Teaching Program (BIOL ZS21)

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Advising Plan for B.S. in Biology Teaching Program (PDF)

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The Department of Biological Sciences offers five different study plans (General Biology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology/ Physiology, Ecology, and Microbiology) that lead to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Students in Biological Science Teaching programs may follow any of the five study plans and incorporate required courses in the study plan for obtaining teaching licensure.

The following courses are required for obtaining teaching licensure. Some of these may be used to fulfill the Humanities and Social Sciences, General Education, Experiential Learning, and free elective requirements for the B.S. in Biology degree. However, more than 120 credits of coursework may be needed to complete both B.S. degree in Biology and the licensure requirements. Please consult your advisors.

Education Requirements for Science Teaching Licensure (Sequences, 36 Credits)

Gate 1

  • EDFA 20000* History and Philosophy of Education (3) (GenEd 5 Soc. Sci.)
  • EDPS 22000 Psychology of Learning (3)
  • EDPS 26000 Introduction to Special Education (3)

Gate 2

  • EDCI 35500* Teaching & Learning in the K-12 Classroom (3) (E X L)
  • EDCI 36600 Use of Assessment in the K-12 Classroom (3)

Gate 3: Teacher Preparation Program Methods Courses

  • EDPS 37000* Teaching Students with Diverse Learning Needs (3) (E X L)
  • EDCI 34600* Science Teaching in Middle School, Jr High, High School (3)
  • EDCI 30900 Reading in the Middle and Secondary School

Gate 4: Professional Semester

  • EDCI 49700* Student Teaching in the Secondary Classroom (12) (E X L)

Additional Information and Guidelines:

  • Admission to Gate2 courses (EDCI35500) requires application screening by Department of Teacher Preparation Advisor.
  • Admission to Gate3 and beyond requires Admission to Teacher Preparation Program and passing of state licensure exams.
  • Courses marked with (*) require field observations.
  • Expanded criminal history report is required for EDCI35500
  • Students may not receive more than 2C’s in professional education courses.



Ms. Michelle Ellis – 
Secondary and Elementary Education Advisor
Department of Teacher Preparation
Office: Gyte ANNX-138
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