BIOL 51605 Environmental Microbiology

Subject: BIOL 51605 Environmental Microbiology
Credits: 3 (Class 3, Lab 0) or 4 (Class 3, Lab 3)
Offered: Every 2 years

Pre-requisite: BIOL 31600 or BIOL 22100 or equivalent and CHM 25600 with C- or better grades.

Description: This is a duel level course for both graduate and upper level undergraduate students who are interested in learning about the diversity and characteristics of microbes in the environment (water, soil, and air); their roles in the environment such as recycling important elements, remediation of organic and metal pollutants; and their impacts on industry, agriculture and human health.  Topics such as pathogens in the environment, waste water and drinking water treatments, and bioterrorism are also discussed. Lab activities provide students hands-on experience with testing and analyzing environmental samples for microbial activities and contaminations. 

This course may be offered as a 3 credit course with lecture only or as a 4 credit course with both lecture and lab component. In the semester when the course is offed as a 4 credit course, students will be required to take both lecture and lab.

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Student Story: Rachel Shmagranoff, Microbiology Concentration, B.S. in Biology 2014.
Currently working in Astbury Water Technology, Inc.

I am extremely pleased with how everything has worked out for me since I graduated with a microbiology concentration in December 2014 from Purdue University Calumet.  I have always been fascinated by the applications of microorganisms environmentally, which led me to choose this major. The course that had the greatest impact on me was Environmental Microbiology.  While it was a very tough course, succeeding in it granted me high satisfaction.  Because of this course and its lab training, along with the environmental research that I did, I was able to land my first job the very same day that I interviewed.  Not only was my boss impressed with my resume, the CEO of the company personally reached out to me about how excited he was to have me as part of their establishment.  Since starting work at Astbury Water Technology one month ago, I have already taken on responsibilities of training other lab personnel in wet chemistry methods, Quanti-Tray bacterial counts and calculations, and will soon be in charge of examining the health of the treatment plant by identifying characteristic microorganisms that inhabit their biofilms.  All in all because of my background in this program, I received a job very quickly after I graduated and have since proven my competence to my boss and co-workers.