BIOL 41200

Subject: BIOL 41200 Climate Change and the Environment
Credits: 3 (Class3)
Offered: Every 3 years
Prerequisite: BIOL 10100, BIOL 10200, and BIOL 33300

Description: The primary goal of this course is for students to have a newfound appreciation for the complexity of the climate system, and a more scientifically based view of climate change. Climate change is among the top environmental challenges facing society today. It has the potential to jeopardize the collective investments we have made in land and water conservation during the history of the conservation movement. Climate Change and the Environment is an introduction to the study of climate and its variability through time. The class will discuss how the climate system works, examine past climate changes and possible causes, investigate the current global warming and its effect on the environment and human population, and analyze the predicted changes for the future and possible solutions.