BIOL 35700

Subject: BIOL 35700 Introductory Animal Physiology
Credits: 4 (Class 3, Lab 3)
Offered:  Fall
Prerequisite: BIOL 101 and 10200

specimen jars containing worms ranging from 60 % to 100%

Description:  Introduction to the principles of physiology emphasizing function, regulation, and integration common to living systems from the cellular to the organismal level. Emphasis will be placed on major organ systems including neuronal physiology, membrane and epithelial transport; electrophysiology; muscle physiology, cardiovascular physiology; gastrointestinal physiology, and renal physiology. Lecture material is reinforced and expanded upon in laboratory studies.  Laboratory studies will also include an overview of anatomy, which is the study of how an animal is constructed in order to help students understand physiological mechanisms and recurrent themes in physiology.