Biol 34200

Subject: BIOL 34200 Biological Science Practicum (ExL)
Credits: 1 (Lab 1)
Offered: Fall
Prerequisite: Three semesters of biological sciences.

Description: Biological Sciences Practicum intends to have students gain real world experience and knowledge through off-campus experiences. Students will earn 0 – 3 academic credits depending on the number of practicum hours.

Students who want to take this course will prepare and submit a proposal to her/his prospective faculty instructor.  The practicum proposal will include the name of the individual or organization providing the opportunity, the name of the supervisor, the goals and objectives of the practicum and a list of anticipated activities.  Approval of the proposed practicum will be determined by the faculty instructor.  Completion of core courses in the biology curriculum will normally be needed for approval.  Upon approval, the student, student’s faculty instructor, and the practicum supervisor will communicate to finalize the goals and objectives of the practicum.  The student’s practicum supervisor may provide additional orientation and training.

The student’s performance will be monitored and assessed by her/his practicum supervisor, and will be observed by the faculty adviser when appropriate.  The student will also discuss their practicum experience and accomplishments with the faculty instructor.  The student’s faculty instructor will maintain a line of communication through e-mail and/or phone with the practicum supervisor during the practicum period. The practicum supervisor will also be requested to write an evaluation letter for the student at the end of the semester.

The student will write a final report in which they record all their accomplishment and learning.  The students will link what they have seen/done in the practicum to information learned in the classroom.   The report will be submitted to the faculty instructor at the end of the semester.  The instructor will evaluate the student’s practicum report.