BIOL 29500

Subject: BIOL 29500 Introduction to Global Health
Credits: 3 (Class 3)

Prerequisite: To qualify to participate in this course, students should have successfully completed (grade C or better) each of the following four General Education (GE) requirements prior to enrolling in this course; (1) GE #1 English composition, (2) a life science laboratory course (e.g. BIOL 101, 102, SCI 103-105, 114, 115) to fulfill GE #2 Natural Science, (3) GE #3 Mathematics or Statistics, and (4) GE # 5 Social Sciences.

Description: This course is designed to introduce students to key issues in global health.  Eight Learning Modules will cover key topics in global health including maternal and child health, infectious diseases, nutrition, environmental health, and public health policy.  As a Distance Education course, all materials will be made available to students exclusively through Blackboard. Global health issues are multidisciplinary.  Therefore, qualified students all academic backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this course.