Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

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What is Medical Technology and where do medical technologists work?

Medical Technology, also known as Clinical or Medical Laboratory Sciences, is a field in medicine that performs laboratory tests on clinical specimens such as blood, microbial cultures, and tissue samples.  The test results are used by physicians for diagnosis as well as for determining appropriate treatments.  In order to perform these tests, medical technologists not only need a solid background in chemistry and biological sciences such as genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, serology, and physiology, but also an extensive training in clinical laboratories.   Their work often involve in operating sophisticate laboratory instruments to carry out chemical, microbial, as well as molecular test procedures.  Well trained and certified medical technologists have career choices in clinical laboratory work, research, public health, forensic work, as well as pharmaceutical industry. 

BS in Medical Technology Degree Program at Purdue Calumet

The B.S. in Medical Technology Degree Program at Purdue University Calumet is a 3+1 program.  The first three year (88 Credits) of course work provides students a solid foundation in science and math as well as all general education courses required for a bachelor degree.  The fourth year (32 Credits) consists of clinical training in an affiliated hospital. Completion of prerequisite courses at Purdue Calumet does not guarantee admission to an affiliated hospital program. In general, acceptance is based on academic performance (both high school and college grades), pre-college test scores, evaluations from college instructors, personnel references, related work experience, and interview performance. Students in this program should consult with academic advisor to plan for an alternative four-year study plan in case not being accepted for admission to a hospital program at the end of junior year. A student who is not accepted to a clinical program at the end of the junior year may receive a BS degree in Biology after completing the remaining course requirement.

 Clinical Programs

Below are a selection of the clinical programs associated with the B.S. in Medical Technology at Purdue University Calumet: