Bachelor of Science Degree – Biology: Biotechnology Concentration (BIOL XSBA)

Collection of images representing biotechnology including gel electrophoresis, cell culture, a cell and a picture of a gel

Advising Plan for BS in Biology – Biotechnology Concentration (PDF)
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Biotechnology Career Pathways (PDF)

The Bachelor of Science Degree – Biology: Biotechnology Concentration (BIOL XSBA) degree at Purdue University Calumet provides students with a strong foundation that prepares them for work in industry or further education in a graduate program.   Students will gain hands on experience in labs and learn how to use equipment that is ubiquitous in modern biotechnology.  Many fields of biology rely on these techniques including molecular biology, genetics, developmental biology, neurology, genetic counseling, medical technology and microbiology.  According to the Battelle/Bio State Bioscience Industry Development 2012 report, Indiana ranks among the top three states in life science jobs in major bioscience sectors.

Careers in Biotechnology:

Biotechnologists work in many areas within the life sciences including  health care, food and agriculture, manufacturing and quality control and intellectual property.  Individuals may be involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug discovery, bio-defense, sustainable agriculture and genetic engineering, patent reform, the development of biofuels and renewable chemical and biobased materials.

Because Biotechnology is such a broad field encompassing many disciplines, consolidated statistics on salaries and employment can be difficult to obtain.   Biological technician jobs provide entry level work for individuals with education in Biotechnology.  These jobs are expected to grow 14% annually and provide a median salary of 39,020$ per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011 report.   Individuals who go on to earn a Masters or Doctoral degree, have an average yearly salary of 79,390$.  These jobs are in high demand, with an expected growth of 31% per year.