Graduate Programs

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a rich academic environment in which students may develop a portfolio of expertise applicable to such fields as biotechnology (focused on molecular biology and genetics), ecology, microbiology, and physiology/cell biology.  We offer day and evening classes to accommodate student needs as well as offering courses in the fall, spring and summer.  Teaching and research aid positions are available on a competitive basis which provide tuition waver and stipend.

Degree Programs

Masters of Science in Biology (30 Credits)

Thesis Option and Non-Thesis Option

Combined B.S./M.S. Degree Program (4+1) in Biological Science (141 Credits)

Non-Degree Programs

Graduate Biotechnology Certificate (16 Credits)

Post- Baccalaureate Program

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Prospective Students:

       Current Students                                             

Programs and Application FAQ Masters of Science in Biology: Non-Thesis Option
Application Procedures and Deadlines Masters of Science in Biology: Thesis Option
Funding Your Graduate Education Graduate Biotechnology Certification Program
Prospective International Students Purdue University Graduate School Forms
Additional Rules and Requirements Post- Baccalaureate Program
  Combined Bachelor of Science and M.S. Degree
  Graduate Programs Handbook (PDF)
  Gainful Employment Disclosure