Nikka Abaricia Presents Research at ASCB Conference

Nikka Abaricia, biology senior, shares her experience of presenting a poster at the American Society for Cell Biology Conference in New Orleans in December, 2013:

Nikka presents her research.

Nikka presents her research.

Every year the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) holds a national convention and invites up and coming scientists for symposiums, famed guest speakers to talk about their research, and even the occasional Nobel Laureate. The convention not only highlights novel research and the latest advancement in biological lab techniques, but also includes hundreds of undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research posters from across the country.

This past December, I was given the opportunity to attend the ASCB annual convention in New Orleans through my research with Dr. Radmila Sarac. The 3D and active-learning research was conducted in a number of biology classes at Purdue-Calumet, with the main hypothesis concerning the effect of 3D active-learning on the understanding and comprehension of biology students. At the convention I presented my poster twice and was able to gain valuable contacts, visit talks/mini symposiums regarding stem cells etc., and even attend the lectures of the recent Nobel Laureates, Randy Shekman and James Rothman. Additionally, I participated in a taped interview for iBiology concerning my personal experience with biology education, a topic I knew a little something about.

Through the experience I was offered, with the help of travel awards given by the ASCB, Student Research Office, and Biological Sciences Department at Purdue-Calumet, I was able to gain much needed exposure in the wider world of cell biology. Amongst the myriad of lessons I learned through the 4-day experience I found that beyond the dozens of biology classes my peers
and I attend and the dozens of pages we read in
our 10 lb textbooks day after day,
there is a greater world out there for biology
students. One in which pure curiosity
in biology is cultivated and celebrated daily.