Do You Want to Graduate Early? Take Summer Courses!

The Dept. Biological Sciences is offering many course this summer to majors and non-majors alike.  Visit the majestic tranquility of Big Falls Wisconsin for one week and learn about ecosystems in BIOL 21000 Field Biology all while fufilling a Science General Education and Experiential Learning requirement.  Biology majors can also enjoy scenic Wisconsin by taking BIOL 59500 Field Ecology.  Closer to home, Dr. Feng-Song Wang offers biology majors the opportunity to learn Cell and Tissue Culture techniques in the maymester while Dr. Ramila Sarac is offering her Drug and Disease hybrid distance learning course from June 10th to August 2nd.  These are only a few of the courses being offered this summer.  Check out our full schedule below:

Biology Electives:

  • BIOL 21000 Field Biology (Exp. Learning)  May 25th – June 1st
  • BIOL 22100 – Intro to Microbiology  June 10th – August 2nd
  • BIOL 41800 Drugs and Disease  June 10th  – August 2nd
  • BIOL 59100 Field Ecology May 25th – June 1st
  • BIOL 59500 Ornithology  June 10th – July 6th
  • BIOL 59500 Cell/Tissue Culture  May 13th – June 7th

General Education:

  • SCI 10400 Intro to Environmental Biology June 10th – August 2nd
  • SCI 10500 Invitation to Human Biology May 13th – June 7th
  • SCI 11400 Intro to Life Science May 13th – June 7th

Courses for Elementary Education Majors:

  • SCI 31500 Environmental Science for Elementary Education June 10th – August 2nd