Our Department at a Glance


We offer a comprehensive education that is built upon a solid scientific background, yet still features the flexibility to meet the needs of individual students. For undergraduates, we offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Medical Technology and an Associate of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services. A two-year pre-pharmacy program and a two-year transfer programs in cooperation with the School of Agriculture at Purdue University West Lafayette are also quite popular. At the graduate level, we offer Master of Science degrees in Biology. Graduate students choose either thesis or non-thesis options to further their professional development, or serve as a bridge to further graduate studies in the life sciences.

We emphasize an integrated approach to teaching modern biology — all courses are incorporated with faculty research. We are proud of our active and creative faculty who, through their research, bring new knowledge and understanding to the classroom. Special areas of strength include cell and molecular biology with emphasis in genetic engineering/biotechnology and microbiology, physiology, and ecology. Our state-of-the-art laboratories allow students to gain hands-on experience with modern techniques and to take an active role in the quest for new scientific knowledge. Supervised research opportunities are available for both undergraduate and graduate students and graduate teaching and research assistantships are available to provide important financial support.

The 21st century has ushered in rapidly expanding career opportunities in the biological sciences. Because of their well rounded, quality educations in biology, our graduates successfully join the workforce in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and food science industries, research and clinical laboratories, environmental agencies, and as high school and college teachers. Many have pursued advanced studies at leading graduate, pharmacy, dentistry, osteopathy, medical, and other professional schools nationwide.

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