Bachelor of Science in Biology: General Biology Concentration (BIOL ZS21)

Assortment of photos related to biology including salmonella, lupine flowers, a cell, a beetle, gel electrophoresis and cell culture

Advising Plan for BS in Biology – General Biology (PDF)
Sample Four-Year Study Plan (PDF)
Careers in Biological Science

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By definition, biology studies how living things work and how they interact with each other and the environment.   The biological sciences includes many fascinating fields; topics of study range from molecular properties of cell structure, heredity, functions of tissues and organs, habitats and behaviors and how ecosystems change over time.  Recent advances in the biological sciences have made major breakthroughs that affect the world in extraordinary ways.  With the accelerating pace of discovery, this trend will continue.   A degree in general biology will give the student the ability to explore many diverse fields of biology and can lead to future graduate studies in professional or research institutions or to jobs in a wide range of industries.

The General Biology Concentration at Purdue Calumet

The biology program at Purdue University Calumet provides students a comprehensive and broad education in the biological sciences, yet with the flexibility to fulfill individual’s need.  The strengths of the department include biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, ecology, microbiology and physiology.  Choosing General Biology (BIOL ZS21) allows the student to develop a study plan that is tailored to their individual education goals with their advisor.  

Careers in Biological Science

The field of biology encompasses a many diverse fields and so presents many job opportunities.  After receiving a bachelor degree in biology sciences, an individual may work as a technician in laboratories in academic institutions, industries, government agencies, hospitals and private companies.  An individual may also work as a science sales representative or a as a science writer.  With a master degree, an individual may be hired as a research scientist, a laboratory supervisor or an instructor in community or junior college.  A doctoral degree prepares individuals for research and teaching positions in colleges, independent research in academic and industrial settings as well as administrative positions in industry and government.

Biologist salaries vary widely depending on several factors including level of education, employment sector and previous job experience.  Even so, there are some general statements regarding biologist salaries that can be made.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one third of the thirty fastest growing occupations require education in biology.*  Jobs in biological sciences and healthcare fields are expected to grow an average of 23.5% over the next twenty years.  When compared with average job growth of 14% overall, it is easy to see that pursuing education in biological sciences is a sound career choice.*  A degree in the biological sciences makes financial sense.  Overall, salaries in biology and medical fields are 87% higher than the national average.**