2011 Biological Sciences Alumni Leader: Rosemary Duda

Rosemary Duda and Chancellor Keon at the 2011 Alumni Leader Award Ceremony

Ms. Rosemary Duda received the award from Chancellor Keon at the Alumni Leaders Day Event on September 22, 2011.  Ms. Duda started her career as a medical technologist at St. Margaret Hospital after completing an internship there. Soon after receiving her MS degree in Biological Sciences at Purdue Calumet, she was promoted to the Director of the Medical Technology Program at St. Margaret Hospital.  “My most valued Purdue Calumet experience is that what I learned there was so pertinent to my field of study. Everything I learned helped to enhance my teaching of Medical Technology to students and brought me to a deeper level of what I had to offer students in return.” Duda said.

Ms. Duda’s advice to current Purdue Calumet Students is “Since I obtained my Master’s Degree at Purdue, my advice would be to never take for granted the importance of education. There is something you can learn in every class. I would also recommend getting out into the work force before obtaining a higher level of education such your Master’s degree. After working in my field for five years, I knew that Biology was something I wanted to pursue further and it then helped me to fully understand and appreciate the concepts that I was learning as now they had some real life relevance to them.”