Biology Dept. Hosts Cell Biology Open Lab

Friday, October 19th The PUC Department of Biological Sciences opened it’s labs to the University during two 45 minute open house events to allow students and staff to observe cells and learn more about the science behind The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  Students and faculty from several departments attended the event as well as prospective students and alumni.  Attendees made slides of their own cheek cells and observed them under the microscope.  Volunteers took pictures using the Department’s new digital microscopes and gave attendees printed photos of their cells.

Dr. Radmilla Sarac looking through a microscope while a student looks on

Dr. Radmilla Sarac and Dr. Mike Zimmer gave a short presentation about cells and led students on tours of the biology department’s cell culture lab.   An assortment of preserved tissues including bone, spinal cord, muscle and blood were available to allow attendees to see that cells come in many shapes and sizes.   Dr. Radmila Sarac encouraged students to contact the department if they had questions about science topics covered in the book, “we love this stuff and we’re happy to talk about it.”

Students looking through microscopes at the demonstration