Biological Sciences Students Present Research at 2012 PUC Student Research Days


Congratulations to the six graduate and eight undergraduate biology students who participated in Purdue Calumet’s 2012 Student Research Days.  We would particularly like to recognize two biology graduate students who received awards for their outstanding research: Christopher Hartman and Eric Bird.   Christopher Hartman’s work with Dr. Evert Ting on the “Effects of colony and cell size on optical forward scattering pattern of bacterial colonies” garnered him second place in the graduate student poster division.   Eric Bird was awarded the “PUC Sigma Xi Student Research Award” for his research with Dr. Young Choi on the “Effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on biomass allocation and competition of prairie plants in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.”

Students, Faculty and Staff at 2012 Student Research Days.

Students, Faculty and Staff at 2012 Student Research Days. From Left (back row): Vice Chancellor Ralph Rogers, Anthony Miniuk, Ryan Mihalic, Christopher Hartman, Interim Dean of EMS Mike Henson, Eric Bird, Chancellor Thomas Keon. Front Row: Dr. Evert Ting, Dr. Radmilla Sarac, Caroline Brunt, Yu-pin Chiao, Kirankumar Alugala, Dr. Young Choi

During the 2012 Purdue University Calumet Student Research Days, students affiliated with the biological science department presented the following talks and posters:

Graduate Student Oral Presentation
Student Mentor Title

Manoj Sabnani

Curtis Creighton

Effect of carcass quality on life time reproductive success and antimicrobial strategies in Nicrophorus orbicollis (Burying beetles)

Steve Dubec,
Dan Ellch

Chenn Zhou,
Radmila Sarac

3-D Protein Visualization as an Educational Tool

Graduate Student Poster
Student Mentor Title

Lauren Sokol

Radmila Sarac

The association of G-protein activated inwardly rectifying potassium (GIRK) channel subunits as influenced by intracellular terminal residue mutations

Christopher Hartman,
Hao Gong

Evert Ting,
Bin Chen

Effects of Colony and Cell Size on Optical Forward Scattering Pattern of Bacterial Colonies


Curtis Creighton

Effect of carcass quality and Immune response on offspring of Nicrophorus orbicollis (Burying beetles)

Undergraduate Student Poster
Student Mentor Title

Carolyn Brunt

Charles Tseng

Generation and Evaluation of SNPs for Studying E. coli Genomic Variation

Amy Poortinga,
Ryan Mihalic

Charles Tseng

Phylogenetic Analysis of Anthurium: DNA Sequence Comparison

Lauren Avans,

Young Choi

Effect of atmospheric deposition of nitrogen on the fixation and assimilation of nitrogen by wild lupine (Lupinus perennis) in the sand dunes of Lake Michigan

Ryan Mihalic

Evert Ting

Isolation of lytic bacteriophages as bio-control agents against Escherichia coli O157:H7.

Yu-pin Chiao

Evert Ting

Evaluation host range of the Salmonella bacteriophages isolated from waste water

Anthony Miniuk

Curtis Creighton

The Difference in Immunological Functioning Between Biparental and Uniparental Care in the Burying Beetle