Minor in Human Services

Minor in Human Services

18 credit hours required for graduation


A minor in Human Services will prepare students to act as a multi-disciplinary practitioner when assisting individuals, families, and communities to respond to events that require intervention. The generic competencies of the human service professional will reflect the continuum of skills necessary to work with persons whose needs arise from problems within the larger social system or to improve individual social functioning. These areas include crime and delinquency, chemical abuse and addiction, poverty, education, job training and employment, mental illness, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness and disability.


15 credit hours to include the following courses:

____ SOC 22000 Social Problems

____ SOC 26100 Introduction to Social Work

____ SOC 30600 Case Management in the Human Services

____ SOC 30700 Practicum in the Human Services

____ SOC 36400 Child and Family Welfare

3 credits chosen from any one of the following courses:

____ PSY 35500 Child Abuse and Neglect

____ SOC 31400 Race and Ethnic Relations

____ SOC 36000 Institution of Social Welfare

____ SOC 41100 Social Stratification

____ SOC 42100 Juvenile Delinquency

____ SOC 42200 Criminology

____ SOC 43000 Sociology of Aging

____ SOC 45000 Sex Roles in Modern Society

C. Electives (2 – 9 cr. hrs)

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