Behavioral Sciences Academic Advising

The School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to offer students a constant contact through their years on campus – a contact that will provide academic information, mentoring and a smile. In addition to being well trained in the basic information about degree programs in the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, LASS advisors have special knowledge of issues related to the transition to college.

“Through academic advising, students learn to become members of their higher education community, to think critically about their roles and responsibilities as students, and to prepare to be educated citizens of a democratic society and a global community. Academic advising engages students beyond their own world views, while acknowledging their individual characteristics, values, and motivations as they enter, move through, and exit the institution.”*

Behavioral Sciences Academic Advisors work with students on their transition to college and provide academic information on an ongoing basis. This allows for students to learn important information about themselves, their education, and The School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in a timely manner.

Photo of  Barbara Osmon Barbara Osmon
Behavioral Sciences Academic Advisor

Disability Studies

Office: Gyte 171
Phone: 219-989-2528
Fax: 219-989-2008

*Source: National Academic Advising Association. (2006). NACADA concept of academic advising. Retrieved April 2, 2009 from