Behavioral Sciences Homepage

Welcome to the Department of Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Behavioral Sciences is a multidisciplinary department with undergraduate majors in Psychology, Sociology and Human Development and Family Studies.  The department is also the home of undergraduate minors in Psychology, Sociology, Early Childhood, Gerontology, and Human Services, as well as graduate programs in Marriage and Family Therapy and Human Development and Family Studies.  All students in the department benefit from the expertise of faculty in their own major, while experiencing the different perspectives provided by all of our disciplines.

 The Department of Behavioral Sciences continually strives to:

  •  Provide learning opportunities in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Development and Family Studies to students throughout the university.
  •  Enable students to use the knowledge and methodologies of their discipline for conceptual thinking, critical analysis, oral and written communication, and the application of appropriate information technologies.
  •  Offer a solid knowledge base and quality educational experiences that will prepare students to excel in the careers related to disciplines in the behavioral sciences or continue their studies in graduate programs.
  •  Provide the skills and strategies for students to understand individual, interpersonal and group behavior.
  •  Provide experiential learning opportunities that benefit both the student and the ethnically, racially and socioeconomically diverse community that we serve.
  •  Train students in all of our programs to be culturally competent, to work effectively with people who have disabilities, and to demonstrate professional ethics; preparing them to function effectively in a rapidly changing global workplace.