What is AQIP?
AQIP is the Academic Quality Improvement Program. It is a regional accreditation process through the Higher Learning Commission.

Why is regional accreditation important?
Regional accreditation assures students, families, and external constituents that an institution offers a quality education. In regional accreditation, other educators review the institution periodically with special attention to student learning.

How often does this review process take place?
Purdue University Calumet has selected an accreditation process which is rigorous and continuous. The university reports on its improvements to the Higher Learning Commission yearly.

What is the AQIP review process?
Purdue University Calumet reports progress annually on three focused projects. Every four years, the university submits a comprehensive report to the Higher Learning Commission. The university receives written feedback on this comprehensive report, and the next year, reviewers visit the institution to meet with faculty, staff, students and external constituents.  Two peer reviewers visited the Purdue University Calumet campus in April 2007.

What is the systems portfolio?

The systems portfolio is the comprehensive report that is submitted to the Higher Learning Commission which addresses the criteria AQIP uses to evaluate universities.  Purdue University Calumet completed a systems portfolio in 2004/05 and is currently revising the report for 2008/09 based on recent improvements and updated information.  The new systems portfolio will be submitted in 2009.

What criteria does AQIP use in evaluating the university?
AQIP helps the university focus on nine key areas (categories): 1) helping students learn, 2) meeting student and other key stakeholder needs, 3) valuing employees, 4) planning and leading , 5) knowledge management and resource stewardship, 6) quality overview that focuses on continuous quality improvement.

 What are the AQIP projects?
The three AQIP projects are assessment of general education, revision of the program review process, and implementation of student and stakeholder service standards.

Where do I get more information?
The AQIP WEB site (www.purduecal.edu/aqip) contains more Purdue University Calumet information. The national WEB site for AQIP is www.AQIP.org