Faculty Mentoring

Event Date: 2006

  1. All tenure track faculty receive 0.25 release until tenure or promotion.
  2. Participation in the mentoring program is voluntary.
  3. Each department or school will solicit mentors based on excellence in teaching, scholarly activity or service.
  4. Mentors should be knowledgeable regarding the current promotion and tenure process and practices.
  5. Mentees may choose their mentor or mentors. A mentee may have a separate mentors for teaching and scholarly work.
  6. Each mentor and mentee will meet monthly during the academic year.
  7. Mentors receive a 0.1 FTE per mentee or service recognition within their unit for participation each semester.
  8. The mentoring process will be assessed annually for its effectiveness.
  9. The Center for Instructional Excellence will provide an orientation program for mentors and mentees each semester.
  10. The Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE) will act as the central resource for mentoring faculty at Purdue University Calumet.

Submitted by the Faculty Development Committee
Janice Tazbir, Chair