Application for Membership

The Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (APSAC) was established in 1992 to build a formal communication link between A/P staff and the administration. Ten members serve on APSAC and are representative of administrative and professional staff from all segments of our Purdue campus community.  Appointments to APSAC are for a three-year term.

  1. Responsibilities of an APSAC Member:
    • attend monthly APSAC meetings
    • actively participate in APSAC sub-committees
    • represent APSAC on University committees
    • communicate information discussed at APSAC meetings to fellow staff members
    • convey fellow staff member concerns and comments to APSAC
    • be available for contact and communication with other administrative and professional staff members
  2. Membership Application Process – full three-year term.  (The Membership Sub-Committee will handle partial term applications on an individual basis.)

A. Application:  A complete application consists of:

    1. Application and statement of interest.
    2. Resume/Vita.


B. Procedure for submitting Application:

  1. Fill out and submit the online Application for Membership found below

C. Selection Process:

            Selection Criteria for full three-year term candidates:

  • Applicant must be employed by the University area in which the vacancy exists.
  • Applicant must submit a compelling reason for wanting to be a member of APSAC.
  • Applicant must describe in writing the type of contribution based on his/her skills and talents he/she will make to the committee.
  • Applicant must submit a resume describing the types of positions and responsibilities he/she has held.

The Membership Sub-Committee will review applications, interview each candidate (as needed) and make a recommendation for each vacant area.  The recommendations will be forwarded to the full committee for a vote.  The chair submits the Committee’s recommendation to the Chancellor for official appointment.  New representatives will receive a letter of official appointment from the Chancellor.


(The request for the supervisor’s name is to verify that the supervisor is aware that the individual is applying to APSAC and of the stated responsibilities and time commitment of an APSAC representative.)