Plan of Study

Purdue University Calumet: Hospitality & Tourism Management  –  BHS Dept.

Certificate:  School Nutrition and Food Services-

25 credit hours

This certificate is designed primarily for those who are already working in the School Nutrition and Food Services sector of the On-Site Food Service segment of the Hospitality Industry.  On-Site Food Services is primarily self-operated or managed services in the not-for-profit operations serving such areas as Health Care, Business and Industry, Colleges and Universities, Schools and Community Food Services, Recreation/Club/Transportation and Vending operations.

This Certificate is designed for practitioners who desire a specialized credential in School Nutrition and Food Services that emphasize strong supervisory and managerial hospitality skills that can help them meet employer requirements, or enhance their existing school nutrition and food service career ladder, or assist those who are considering a change in career direction.

The certificate is available to students who have a high school diploma or equivalent and are able to take and pass nine online academic courses over a two year academic schedule.  It could also be used by those who have an Associate degree in another field of study.  SNFS Certificate gradates who later wish to pursue degrees at Purdue University Calumet must apply for Degree-Seeking Admission, and will be subject to all Admission criteria in effect at that time.

25 Credit Plan to include the following required academic courses:

____HTM 212- Organization and Management in the Hospitality Industry   -3 credits.

____HTM 231- Hospitality and Tourism Marketing   -3 credits.

____HTM 241- Managerial Accounting and Financial Management in Hospitality Operations   -3 credits.

Prerequisite: Basic Accounting course (HTM 141 or MGMT 200) or NFSMI Financial

Management Training or basic accounting skills established *)

____HTM 251- Computers in the Hospitality Industry   -3 credits.

(Prerequisite:  Basic computer course (CIS 204) or basic computer skills established *)

____HTM 301- Hospitality and Tourism Industry Practicum   -1 credit.

(Prerequisite: 9 credits completed in the SNFS Certificate)

____HTM 311- Procurement Management for Food Service   -3 credits.

(Prerequisite: Quantity Food Production and Service course (HTM 291) or basic Quantity

Production and Service skills established *)

____HTM 312- Human Resources Management for the Service Industries   -3. Credits.

(Prerequisites: HTM 212 course and Quantity Food Production and Service (HTM 291)

course or Quantity Production and Service basic skills established, plus

15 credits completed in the SNFS Certificate *)

____HTM 322- Hospitality Facilities Management   -3 credits.

____HTM 361- Managed Services for the Food Service Industry   -3 credits.

(Prerequisites:  Sanitation and Health course (HTM 191) or NRA ServSafe Training and

Quantity Food Production and Service course (HTM 291) or equivalent basic skills

established and Nutrition for Early Childhood Educators (F&N 260) course or SNA

Healthy Edge Nutrition Training, plus 18 credits completed in the SNFS Certificate *)

*instructors can establish basic equivalent skills for course prerequisites

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