MBA for Executives

The MBA for Executives, MBAE, is a unique accelerated weekend program in northwest Indiana designed for a distinctive mix of executives, business leaders and professionals – with at least 5 years of managerial experience – which have direct participation for all, or part, of their functional area in the decision making processes of the organization. This program will provide students with focused business understanding and knowledge, enabling them to think strategically and improve their performance as leaders.


Accelerated Weekend Program

This is an intensive accelerated 18-month program, structured in six ten-week modules, with Saturday classes only so as not to interfere with professional commitments. Our six modules enhance leadership skills, team building and strategic thinking among the participants.

Executive Cohort Approach

A unique aspect of our accelerated MBA for Executives program is a cohort approach that creates a unified learning community of goal-oriented highly skilled professionals from different backgrounds. The cohort acts as a close-knit cooperative network of individuals during the 18-month of the program, fostering teamwork development. Different from the traditional MBA program, as well as other variations such as online programs, the MBAE’s cohort approach encourages face-to-face interaction among the students in the classroom and in the study groups. Highly skilled professionals, with an average of 10 years of managerial experience, from diverse backgrounds encourage the exchange of ideas in a more strategic manner.


At under $50,000 for the entire 18-month program, the Purdue University Calumet MBAE program is an excellent value. The program fee is all-inclusive (tuition, fees, iPad,e-books, executive coaching sessions, and meals).Fortune Magazine named Purdue Calumet’s MBAE program as one of the best values in the United States for executive education ( In addition, MBAE students are eligible for federal financial aid to assist with the cost of the program. Unsubsidized student loans are available to cover approximately 90% of the MBAE tuition.

No GMAT required

For qualified applicants, the School of Management does not require the GMAT test. In lieu of that we ask for a resume and a personal interview along with a letter of support from the applicant’s company. We believe that these, along with the transcript and essays provide us a very complete picture of each applicant.

Study Abroad Business Trip (optional)

In addition to the 18-month program cost, there is an elective business study abroad trip for our students. We have visited China, Chile, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates. This credited business trip usually takes place between module 5 and module 6. Participants prepare for this venture by developing a business plan or project depending on the country and the city we are visiting.

Executive Coaching Sessions

Understanding this need and the need of many companies for qualified high-performing leaders, the MBAE is partnering with an external, internationally-known consulting firm to incorporate “Executive Coaching” sessions in our curriculum. Individual sessions will allow our participants to discover new ways of accelerating opportunities in their career, help them to create a development plan for their professional advancement and to identify their leadership skills, strengths and also areas for improvement.

Cutting Edge Curriculum

Our curriculum emphasizes Purdue’s traditional quantitative strength, and includes other topics critical to today’s business environment such as International Business, Ethics & Corporate Governance, Leadership, Supply Chain Management, Decision Analytics, Negotiations, and Risk Management. This new plan of study was developed in consultation with our stakeholders – particularly alumni and faculty.

Our cutting edge curriculum helps keeps the MBAE program at the forefront of executive education.  iPads are given to students at the start of the program for easier access to course materials and dynamic collaboration among cohort members.  All books and course packs are delivered electronically for immediate download and instant access.

Purdue Quality Education

Purdue University Calumet is a comprehensive regional university part of the internationally respected Purdue University system, one of the largest universities in the United States of America.

Convenient location

Classes are held at the Purdue University Calumet campus in Hammond, Indiana. Our campus is located only 30 miles from downtown Chicago.

Please visit the official MBAE website for current news, schedules, and a list of companies that have participated in the Purdue Calumet MBAE program.

Please direct inquires regarding the Purdue University Calumet MBAE program to:

Kimberly Nikolovski