Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson works in credit risk management at First Marblehead focusing on credit underwriting, data and analytics, predictive modeling and portfolio management.  Mike is also a regular panelist and presenter at conferences related to finance, analytics and credit risk management.  Prior to working for First Marblehead, Mike prepared statistics and predictive modeling for both the Marketing and Analysis division of Capital One and Strounine-Thompson Technology Group where he served as President.  

 Mike also taught mathematics and statistics at Purdue University, the University of Virginia, and Piedmont Virginia Community College and served as the Director of the Mathematics Center at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

 While a student at Purdue Calumet, Mike was the recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award while a graduate student at Purdue he was the recipient of an Outstanding Teaching Award.

 Mike earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Purdue Calumet and received a master’s degree in Mathematics from Purdue.  Mike also worked towards a Doctor of Philosophy degree in mathematics at both Purdue and the University of Virginia.  

 Mike’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience: 
“I have many fond memories of my time at Purdue Calumet, most of which are related to the personal attention I received from faculty and the camaraderie I experienced with my fellow students.  Like many students here, I was the first in my family to attend college and worked while attending school.  My professors took a personal interest in knowing me as an individual and played a critical role in helping me understand what opportunities lie ahead.”

Mike’s advice to current Purdue Calumet students:
“Learn how to learn and take advantage of resources.  You won’t be in a classroom forever and you need to be confident that you can advance your knowledge and skills on your own.  Accept all the advice and guidance offered to you by your professors, advisers and fellow students. Their experience is frequently much more valuable than what you will find in your textbooks.”