Sue Mau

Sue Mau (Mary) Sue Mau

Purdue University Calumet Department of Mathematics,
Computer Science, and Statistics
Alumni Leaders Day 2010

 Like so many students at Purdue University Calumet, Dr. Mau began her college study while working full time at Northern Indiana Public Service Company.  After graduation in 1982, Sue earned a Master of Arts for Teachers and her secondary teaching license from Indiana University in 1986.  After a brief teaching career in high school and at PUC as a visiting instructor in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, Sue returned to IUB to pursue a doctorate in mathematics education, graduating in 1993.  While at IUB, she was awarded a School of Education Fellowship for two years.  Her dissertation won the Maris M. and Mary Higgins Proffitt Outstanding Dissertation Award in 1995. 

 Dr. Mau began her professional career at the University of Notre Dame where she was the Director of Collaborative Learning in the First Year of Studies, the college for all incoming students.  While at ND, Sue established the Collaborative Study Group Program (still in effect today) and was instrumental in helping faculty and administrators begin the use of collaborative learning pedagogy in biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering. 

 While Sue was the Director of Collaborative Learning, she was contacted by mathematics department faculty at Valparaiso University to develop a two-week summer workshop for teachers to learn to use collaborative learning pedagogy in their high school classrooms.  The workshop was such a success that they invited Sue back for two successive years.

 In 1995, Sue joined the faculty in the School of Education at IUPUI.  Working closely with the Indiana Professional Standards Board, she and her colleague, Dr. Linda Houser, designed the first program to support the preparation of mentor teachers who would then help implement the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium teaching standards.  With the strong support and approval of the IPSB, Sue secured three grants from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to train high school mentor teachers.  Sue also worked with Crispus Attucks Middle School as the faculty liaison in the professional development school program, Learning to Teach/Teaching to Learn.  She was the team leader for the secondary cohort from 1996-1998.  She also worked closely with the Key Learning Community, an IPS magnet school and the first multiple intelligences school in the world.  In 1998, the KLC honored Dr. Mau by inviting her to join the School Committee, a steering group to advise the principal and suggest future directions for the school.  Sue happily served on that committee until 2001.

 Joining the Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) faculty in 2001, Dr. Mau continued her career in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, where she has taught both mathematics and education courses for K-12 pre-service teachers.  While at IPFW, Sue has developed partnerships with three of the school districts in Allen County, implemented service learning components in her mathematics courses, revamped field experiences for prospective secondary mathematics teachers, and designed a Master of Arts for Teachers degree.  The new MAT program graduated its first cohort in August, 2010.

 Dr. Mau is the author of 11 articles and book chapters.  She has presented papers and workshops at more than 40 national, state, and local conferences.  Additionally, she has developed numerous workshops and professional development experiences for K-12 teachers in northern and central Indiana.

Sue’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience:
“My PUC education was life changing.  It prepared me for graduate school; it gave me a sense of purpose; and it opened doors previously closed to me.  I am grateful that I had as close to a liberal arts education as is possible for a math major—that I took a Shakespeare and a creative writing course, that I took economics classes, that I took German classes, and that I studied mathematics.  Of course, the most important part of PUC was the people—friends and faculty.  I will always be indebted to the faculty who took the time to talk with me and who encouraged me.  They are the very heart of Purdue University Calumet and I am blessed to have known them.”

Sue’s advice for Purdue Calumet students:
I have two pieces of advice.  First, the advice that is not new and certainly does not originate with me.  I heard Dr. Condoleezza Rice tell graduates to follow their hearts; it would take them where they want to go.  My advice would be the same.  Your heart knows where and what is best for you….listen to it and follow it.  You will go where you ought to go and will be who you were meant to be.  Only that will lead you to true happiness and peace.

 Second, the advice that is simple and obvious.  Put something back.  You have had the opportunity to study at the taxpayers’ expense.  The good people of Indiana have paid taxes that helped to fund this University.  You owe them.  Put something back—pay your taxes gladly; keep your nose clean and obey the law; and work for social justice in order to make this a better society for all people.  Honor your responsibility as a well educated person and put something back.”