Scott Schaller

Scott SchallerScott Schaller worked in the IT industry for almost 14 years before his recent transition to the marketing role of Digital Content Manager for United States Gypsum (USG) Corporation in February 2012. He  previously served as a systems analyst for USG for the last four years.
Also in February, Scott completed the MBAE program at Purdue Calumet, serving as one of the class representatives.  His accomplishments during the MBAE program helped him to receive an Outstanding Student Award.                                                                       

Scott’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience: “My experiences at Purdue University Calumet have been invaluable to me.  I am grateful for the excellent opportunities that Purdue Calumet has given, not only to me, but for the surrounding communities.  Purdue Calumet prepared me for real world situations but also provided me a stage to convey my experiences to fellow students and faculty.  It also challenged me to not  just settle for a position in my career, but continue working outside my comfort zone.”

 Scott’s advice to current Purdue Calumet students: “My advice to current PUC students is to get involved as much as you can and work above and beyond – inside as well as outside the classroom.  Be proactive, not reactive and stand out as a leader, not a follower.”